Hoofin it up for a Good Cause…..

Posted: March 27, 2012 in VA Editorials

Mary Duty, Trib Board of Contributors: Help veterans with VFW’s old-fashioned dance marathon

Board of Contributors

Saturday March 17, 2012

This St. Patrick’s Day there will be a very special event going on at VFW Post 6008 in Hewitt. You may remember this post for its immediate outpouring of support for the fire victims in Bastrop last summer. And when the troop care packages were in danger of missing their destination at Christmas, VFW Post 6008 rose to the occasion. With the generous support of Central Texas, those packages made it to Afghanistan, Korea and other overseas addresses before the holidays.

Well, they’re at it again . Today the Ladies Auxiliary is hosting a marathon dance to raise money for the post. For those of us too young to remember marathon dances, they’re dance contests that last for a number of hours, with prizes going to the couple that can hoof it, shuffle it and drag it out the longest.

This year’s dancefest carries a $500 prize. Dancers need to get sponsors to donate an amount per hour. Proceeds of the dance will go toward developing a place more friendly to younger veterans at VFW 6008.

Renovations have already begun, and it’s becoming a place where the vets of our current conflicts can mix and mingle with the folks from the Vietnam and WWII eras. Veterans’ interaction helps our sons and daughters move past their war experience and into productive, happy civilian lives.

There are many silent warriors in our communities. They go about their business quietly, making change happen and making our world a better place. The VFW Ladies Auxiliary works tirelessly behind the scenes making the veteran’s transition from war to civilian life easier and more manageable.

The dance starts at 2 p.m. and lasts till 2 a.m. Last couple standing gets the $500 prize. Other prizes will be handed out along the way. So grab those dancing shoes and get your friends to sponsor you.

Hoof it up for a good cause. Join us on St. Patrick’s Day to dance day and night away.

Mary Duty chairs the social studies department at Tennyson Middle


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