Mother’s Day Editorial

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Editorial Comments

On Mothers Day last year, I was making hot dogs and filling popcorn bags 13oo miles away from home. I was given the greatest gift any Mother could get on that special day. Our son, Caleb, was returning from Iraq that day.

It was raining that morning. New Moms would call my cell phone and ask franticly…”Will they land? Will they be delayed?” I assured them with the quiet voice that comes from a second deployment Mom that they would land. Those boys had been in a plane for over 24 hours, had dreamed of their return and planned it down to their first meal back on American soil. A little tropical storm was not going to stop them from coming home!

I hated being away from the four other beautiful children that we have, but I was blessed with the privilege of being the first to embrace him as he returned from his service. God is good.

This Mothers Day over 250 mothers across America will not have their children to celebrate. They are now Gold Star Mothers. Our prayers should be with them on this day. Their family paid the ultimate price for the privilege of living in this land of the free.

Recently a group of Mothers (and Dads) joined together in the central Texas area and formed a chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America. Blue Star Mothers have a child in the military service. Mothers whose children die in service to country become Gold Star Mothers

We are a small, but dedicated, group. We had a very successful blood drive in Waco and sent over 24 units of life saving blood to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. We are packing care packages at our next meeting in May. These care packages will be sent to all branches of the service all over the world. That is what we do.

On this Mothers Day, take a moment to pray for the safety of our troops-here and overseas. They have chosen a life of service to us. Their families are serving right along side them, bearing the burden of separation.


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